Our Cases

Our staff of full-time attorneys handles a wide range of cases—both civil and criminal—from the local courtroom all the way to the Supreme Court. We also have a large network of pro-life attorneys nationwide that work with us, especially in cases where a local attorney is needed to file emergency motions.

Our motto from our inception has been: No case is too small. And that’s because we believe no human life is too small or too insignificant to deserve protection.

We represent clients like Sacramento County employee Jan England, who was fired for her pro-life views. Jan got her job back, and the County changed its policies to provide accommodations for employees who do not want to refer women for abortion.

Life Legal also represents clients who desperately need immediate life-saving care. Clients like Melanie Hardrath, who was nearly starved to death after the hospital refused to feed her because she was temporarily incapacitated. We obtained a court order to get Melanie’s food reinstated and she made nearly a full recovery.

We have also represented notable leaders in the pro-life movement who have been fined, arrested, or otherwise silenced because of their belief that human beings deserve protection from the moment of conception through natural death. People like Walter Hoye, who was arrested and convicted for holding a sign outside an abortion clinic that read “Jesus loves you and your baby, let us help.” Life Legal got Walter’s conviction overturned. We then filed a lawsuit in federal court to challenge the Oakland statute under which Walter was charged and won the case in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

We also represent the Center for Medical Progress, which was sued by Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation for publishing a series of videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s role in the sale of baby parts for profit.

Life Legal is challenging California’s assisted suicide law and we recently won a major victory at the trial court level. We are committed to restoring the sanctity of life in California and across the nation.

We invite you to stand with us for LIFE!